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Impossible Dream

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Devastating Tragedy Leads to Extraordinary Triumph

Impossible Dream: Devastating Tragedy Leads to Extraordinary Triumph


There are many books about autism, but few are fiction stories taken from real life and co-authored by someone with autism. The story is told entirely from Meaghan's point of view (through the voice of the main character Anna) and provides real insight into what living with autism is like from the inside.

But it is not just about autism. It presents the very real possibility of using new technologies and treatments for neuro and physical remediation, including neurofeedback therapy, reflex integration, BCI (Brain Computer Imaging) and IMR (Immersive Virtual Reality).

As Meaghan writes: “I have goals in my life just like everyone else. An important one is to teach others about autism. Understanding is the key to getting better services and results. I want to spread the word that autism is not something to fear but rather something to have respect for.”

My daughter's words above were the impetus for The Impossible Dream, and Meaghan is the role model for the main character Anna. Although the character is fictional, her voice is very real, garnered from the numerous exchanges Meg and I have had over the years as we worked tirelessly to build her independent typing skill.

Meaghan really does believe that there can be a better future for everyone with disabilities, not just those with autism. And this better future can start today, if minds are open and made aware of the possibilities.

"Those of us with disabilities need to have a say, and for many of us having that say requires an alternative means of communication. Requiring slight support does not mean that we are stupid or incapable. It just means that it is much, much harder for us to do the simple things that neurotypicals take for granted."

Learn more here.

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